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Motley Fool Money is a daily podcast for stock investors. Weekday episodes offer a long-term perspective on business news with The Motley Fool's investment analysts. Weekend shows are a mix of investing classes and longer-form interviews.The show is hosted by Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long.

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Recent Episodes of Motley Fool Money

What Apple Didn’t Say

What Apple Didn’t Say

It’s not artificial intelligence. It’s Apple Intelligence.

(00:21) Nick Sciple and Ricky Mulvey discuss the updates from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and what they mean for the tech giant’s customers and investors. Plus, they look at how Cracker Barrel is trying to reinvent itself.

Then, (17:48) Alison Southwick and Robert Brokamp check in on the state of retirement.

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Got a question for Alison and Bro? Email it to po...

Episode 11 June 2024 30m and 21s

We Can Fix You, Southwest

We Can Fix You, Southwest

Elliott Management’s amps up the activist activity, and puts Southwest’s leadership and board on notice. 

(00:21) Asit Sharma and Dylan Lewis discuss:

- Why Elliot Management is looking to shakeup leadership at Southwest after taking a 10%+ stake in the airline.

- Nvidia’s stock split, and why this one may matter more than most.

- The new names in the S&P 500 – Crowdstrike, KKR, and GoDaddy – and what they say about the state of the market. 

(17:57) Are the world’s tallest buil...

Episode 10 June 2024 30m and 51s

Ozempic’s Unknowns

Ozempic’s Unknowns

Nearly half of Americans say they’re willing to pay for weight-loss drugs. But what are the downsides to these so-called “miracle drugs”?

Johann Hari is the author of the book, “Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing  Risks of the New Weight Loss Drugs.” Ricky Mulvey caught up with Hari for a conversation about:

The medical magic that makes GLPs so effective Whether online pharmacies can responsibly prescribe these drugs Why there’s a much larger market for these in the US than in other parts of the world

To see wher...

Episode 9 June 2024 35m and 42s

Is Multifamily Overbuilt?

Is Multifamily Overbuilt?

Last year, 440,000 new apartments went on the market – a 36-year high. This year, even more new builds are coming. That’s good news for renters, but perhaps less good for developers. What about REIT investors?

Matt Argersinger and Ricky Mulvey discuss the state of the multifamily market and why REITs (of any stripe!) aren’t out for the count quite yet.

Host: Ricky Mulvey

Guest: Matt Argersinger

Producer: Mary Long

Engineer: Dan Boyd

Epic Bundle discount link: www.fool.c...

Episode 8 June 2024 20m and 8s

Cybersecurity Soars, Cyclical Stocks Cycle

Cybersecurity Soars, Cyclical Stocks Cycle

Gotta-have-it businesses like Crowdstrike aren’t seeing any slowdown this earnings season, but goods like RVs and high-end athleisure aren’t exactly flying off the shelves.

(00:21) Bill Mann and Jason Moser discuss:

- The strength of Crowdstrike’s recent earnings and cybersecurity spend, a cyclical company that looks interesting, and why even at valuation lows, Lululemon has some work to do.

- Why some investors are interested in starting a new stock exchange in Texas and Spotify’s latest price hikes.

(19:11) The regulatory environment continues to heat...

Episode 7 June 2024 40m and 1s

The Big Three Drive All-Time Highs

The Big Three Drive All-Time Highs

If you own an S&P 500 index fund then about 20% of your money is in Microsoft, Nvidia, and Apple.

(00:21) Asit Sharma and Ricky Mulvey discuss why big tech is driving the market, earnings from Lululemon, and mindset advice for new investors.

Plus, (XX:XX) Mary Long interviews Tom Steyer, author of “Cheaper, Faster, Better: How We’ll Win the Climate War” about advancements in green tech.

Companies discussed: AAPL, NVDA, MSFT, LULU, CAVA, CRM

Host: Ricky Mulvey


Episode 6 June 2024 26m and 46s

“A Salesperson’s Dream”

“A Salesperson’s Dream”

Growth comes easy when the product speaks for itself.

At (00:21), David Meier and Mary Long discuss CrowdStrike earnings and a tender offer from Monster Beverage.

Then, at (XX:XX), Asit Sharma catches up with John McCool, Chief Platform Officer at Arista Networks. They discuss Arista's role in the AI race, how competition fuels innovation, and what's next for the cloud-based networking company.

Learn more about the Range Rover Sport at:

Companies discussed: CRWD, PANW, MNST, ANET...

Episode 5 June 2024 27m and 48s

Hindenburg Targets Real Estate Lender

Hindenburg Targets Real Estate Lender

A juicy short report goes up against business fundamentals.

(00:21) Jim Gillies and Ricky Mulvey break down Hindenburg Research’s report on Axos Financial. Plus, Jim discusses why investors should consider adding Academy Sports + Outdoors to their watchlists.

Plus, (16:47) Robert Brokamp interviews Eileen Freiburger, Managing Director of the Garrett Planning Network, about what you should expect from meeting with a financial advisor.

Learn more about the Range Rover Sport at

Companies mentioned: AX, NKLA, CLOV, DKS, ASO


Episode 4 June 2024 30m and 50s

Waste Management Goes Dumpster Diving

Waste Management Goes Dumpster Diving

The biggest name in waste is looking to build out its business, and it might have found a cheap way to get into medical waste and document shredding with Stericycle.  

(0:25) Bill Barker and Dylan Lewis discuss:

- Waste Management’s planned $7B acquisition of medical waste company Stericycle, and how it’s a cheap addition to help WM build out its offerings. 

- Costco’s strong quarter, why membership prices are an untapped lever, and how the hot dog combo continues to be $1.50.

- Why big is be...

Episode 3 June 2024 27m and 7s

Kyla Scanlon on Inflation, Economic Vibes, and Pizza

Kyla Scanlon on Inflation, Economic Vibes, and Pizza

Almost half of the United States believes the S&P 500 is down for the year. The chart says otherwise. So, what can explain the disconnect?

Kyla Scanlon is an economic commentator and educator. Her new book is “In This Economy? How Money & Markets Really Work.” Mary Long caught up with Scanlon for a conversation about: 

- The challenges of measuring economic data.

- What’s driving inflation.

- How Domino’s turned around its business.

Host: Mary Long

Guest: Ky...

Episode 2 June 2024 24m and 33s

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