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DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! It's full of dirty, juicy secrets not meant for you or anyone else to hear. You don't want to hear comedians Raye Schiller and Antonia Lassar get the hot goss - aka yenta - with their comedian friends about sex, dating, comedy, and who their mother is trying to set them up with. We don't want you to hear our secrets so please don't listen. You should do something better with your time. I beg you. Don't rate this 5 stars. And don't share.

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Recent Episodes of Yenta!

"Saving butt stuff for marriage" with Ahmed Al-kadri

"Saving butt stuff for marriage" with Ahmed Al-kadri

Ahmed Al-kadri is absolutely blowing up in the standup world, and he took an afternoon out of his insane touring schedule to gossip with us!! You've seen his sketches all over the internet (Arab Roomate, F-Boi Rehab), and now you can listen to him get unbelievably graphic about his sex life.

We Yenta about

Ahmed's dazzling career: TikTok, new YouTube special, touring like crazy Hooking up with audience members OMG Accounting school > standup Difference between performing in front of Muslim and Jewish crowds Saving butt stuff for marriage  Threesomes. Why do we always t...

Episode 16 May 2024 1h, 9m and 35s

"Stop Telling People About the Threesome!" with Lucas Zelnick

"Stop Telling People About the Threesome!" with Lucas Zelnick

We can't believe incredibly successful, hugely viral comedian Lucas Zelnick (Comedy Central, Netflix) agreed to Yenta with us but we are so happy he did! We have major yenta this episode:

Why is NY better than LA (or is it?) How to do political comedy  Lucas’ new (old) girlfriend!! The most surprising thing about growing up with $200 million  Ashley Gavin getting canceled Shitting yourself before going on stage THREE THREESOME STORIES (2 from Lucas lol) Antonia’s Poopy MRI story

Get tickets to Lucas’s show in LA May 12!


Episode 9 May 2024 1h, 36m and 18s

"Daddy for Women, Bottom for Men" with Bri Giger

"Daddy for Women, Bottom for Men" with Bri Giger

When we told folks that Bri Giger (Netflix Is A Joke, UCB, professional DJ) was coming on the pod, everyone had the exact same reaction: I LOVE HER!! We’re so honored that Bri agreed to come on the pod and ruin her reputation. Total mensch. 

We Yenta about: 

Nonmonagamy in LA: Your GF making out with your ex-GF

Bri’s SNL audition! What a legend!

Bri is the hottest DJ in LA. Like seriously. She’s a big deal.

Surviving a queer LA breakup 

Bri wan...

Episode 2 May 2024 1h, 15s

"I Steal Spoons" with Lily Richards

"I Steal Spoons" with Lily Richards

Lily Richards is a filmmaker who's currently slaying the film festival circuit. Also, she obsessively steals spoons. This episode is for everyone who loves marriage goss, corporate world goss, and obviously spoon goss. (See her spoon collection on our instagram.) 

We Yenta about: 

Lily met her wife in college!! Lesbian college sweethearts! 

How to crush the corporate world when you have a theater degree

Sports. Balls. Foam Fingers. Caitlin Clark. 

We punch up Raye’s hinge profile

How to find your niche in the film i...

Episode 25 April 2024 59m and 21s

IS SQUIRTING REAL??! with Mason Smajstrla

IS SQUIRTING REAL??! with Mason Smajstrla

Mason Smajstrla (standup comedian, Jamie Lynn Spears impersonator) is here to bless the Yentas with a deep dive into squirting. Mason is a reality TV nerd, brilliant teacher, and most importantly… the nepo-baby of Fredericksburg, Texas. We Yenta about:

SQUIRTING. VISCOSITY? VOLUME? DO YOU NEED A TARP? Murder documentaries Tips for content creators Growing up Christian… also butt stuff Do you think about dead people when you masturbate? Mason only wants to f*ck silent hairy men 2 months of dating in LA = marriage Nick and Vanessa Lachey should go to prison Mason was canceled in high school Raye got...

Episode 18 April 2024 59m and 29s

Banned From Lesbian Hollywood with Mari Taren

Banned From Lesbian Hollywood with Mari Taren

Mari Taren (lesbian comedy legend/casting producer on Queer Ultimatum) spilled more gossip than any other Yenta guest has before: reality TV goss, relationship goss, Judaism goss! This episode has GOSS. 

We Yenta About: 

Mari is in love with (former Yenta guest) Catherine Mcafferty!! 

Mari and Catherine are the hot versions of Raye and Antonia

Gossip from the Ashely Gavin podcast

Should queer people f*ck in the Chick-fil-A parking lot?

Mari discovered that she isn’t nonbinary

Antonia married a fan


Episode 15 April 2024 1h, 10m and 13s

Bisexual Vs. Pansexual with Dax Hilton

Bisexual Vs. Pansexual with Dax Hilton

Dax Hilton (TikTok sensation, bisexual icon) started doing stand-up at 15, and now he’s a 20-year old legend with 80k followers on TikTok. He’s been crushing at the Laugh Factory and Hollywood Improv, even though HE STILL CAN’T DRINK. We want to be Dax when we grow up.

Stuff we yenta about:

Dane Cook is obsessed with Dax Hot tea about Mormonism: leaving the church because of drugs Comedy Nerd Alert: hacks for submitting to comedy festivals Dax’s sisters turned him queer The time this guy did coke on Dax’s bed W...

Episode 4 April 2024 59m and 29s

"Movie Theater Fluids" with Martin Marrow

"Movie Theater Fluids" with Martin Marrow

Martin Morrow (Second City, Netflix, Hulu) is a huge deal in the LA standup world, he’s the world’s leading wrestling evangelist, and Hannibal Buress once called him “a talented kid but a chore to talk to.” We get VULNERABLE with Martin, and obviously it all ends with a poop story. We Yenta about: - Martin explains wrestling to musical theater nerds. - Do Raye and Martin have a toxic sibling rivalry? - Bro comedy: Shane Gillis on SNL and Kill Tony - Vulnerability: What’s the weakest part of your comedy? - Martin loves his girlfriend so much and i...

Episode 28 March 2024 1h, 4m and 29s

"Can You Name 5 Camps?" with Eli Leonard!

"Can You Name 5 Camps?" with Eli Leonard!

Eli Leonard (Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO) is a hilarious, amazing, talented writer, actor, and clown from Minnesota! He’s written storylines and appeared on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Leonard tours the country opening for stand-up comedian, Elon Gold and the Chosen Comedy Festival, and with his One Man Show, GOOD SHOWBIZ, which also runs monthly in Los Angeles at The Elysian Theater. 

We yenta about:

Working and being on on Curb your enthusiasm

Is there a feud between Elon and Modi?

Are you a jew for jews or jew for goys<...

Episode 21 March 2024 59m and 42s

Bisexual With a Boyfriend Problems w/ Avital Ash! [Rerelease]

Bisexual With a Boyfriend Problems w/ Avital Ash! [Rerelease]

Avital is an accomplished writer, comedian, and actress. She's been on Barry on HBO (um ever heard of it??)! She’s gonna be at Edinburgh fringe! She’s sold multiple TV shows! She's also queer and ex-Orthodox.

Our conversation with Avital Ash was so awesome, so hot, so interesting, that we split this episode into 2 parts!

We yenta about:

Baby gays feeling like a fraud Avital's new show “Avital Workshops her Suicide note” How Avital packaged and sold TV shows Raye’s dates telling them to choose between their career and their partner How Avital met...

Episode 14 March 2024 53m and 7s

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