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Brought to you by, Vera - the Master of Reinvention

Third Chances

Welcome to Third Chances! A talk show about health, fitness, wellness and personal growth. I bring you holistic health professionals, coaches, anyone who helps and inspires you to master your body, mind, or soul. A personalities who took charge of their own lives, overcame, reinvented and never gave up or settled! . I always believed that everyone deserves not just a second chance, but as many as they need. It’s never too soon or too late, but some of us need a nudge! . My mission is to Live Without Limits and help you do the same. That means different things to...

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Recent Episodes of Third Chances

What If You Didn't Try Everything - I Thought I Did and I Was Wrong

What If You Didn't Try Everything - I Thought I Did and I Was Wrong

I thought I knew all there was about supporting the body in healing.

But sometimes, we're so set in our usual ways, that we can’t see a different path if it hits us in the face...

In this episode, I speak about the importance of keeping our options open. 

- How humbling it could be to get to start in a new country and the coincidence that led to my first, unexpected management job offer in the United States  

- What is the experience of "free healthcare" under communism 

- Wh...

Episode 16 May 2024 28m and 58s

Let's Just See What Happens

Let's Just See What Happens

This episode almost didn't get published. And I just wrote an entire deep explanation - to click off and woosh... it all disappeared on me, just like about all day today is going. (don't ask)

David Creel is a certified Zigler Master Coach, and he holds a few more titles you will hear about during our show. He was in fact the only person in the world holding all of those titles!

Interestingly, while we spoke about his past, I caught myself being judgmental while teaching others not to make snap judgments. I was questioning s...

Episode 2 May 2024 1h, 10m and 9s

All that happens to you prepares you not to be derailed in the future

All that happens to you prepares you not to be derailed in the future

Imagine living a very structured life as a Navy Corpsman for 20 years. The transition to civilian life is hard enough. Followed by being blindsided by a divorce, while raising children and working in medical fields, hospitals, and counseling. Which means witnessing and dealing with all kinds of stressful trauma, and mental and substance abuse.

After some time you find a new relationship, and just when you think your life is making sense again, your town gets hit by a category 5 hurricane that destroys everything considered your little world.
As you start placing the pieces back together...

Episode 18 April 2024 28m and 15s

When You Raise The Value, The Limit Goes Down

When You Raise The Value, The Limit Goes Down

Well, this was an interesting exchange!

Dr. Gary White is not your typical, holistic approach healer, his Doctorate is in Public Policy and Administration. But his experience as a lifeguard, and paramedic and time spent at National Disaster Medical Assistance surely prepared him for what he decided to do with the next chapter of his life - he's someone who takes a pulse of the health of business organizations out there. 

A unique business strategist is also an author of  “Becoming a Highly Defined Leader” and a Maxwell Leadership certified coach. He created the “Organizational Health” p...

Episode 4 April 2024 1h, 30m and 14s

You Can't Say The Wrong Thing To The Right Person

You Can't Say The Wrong Thing To The Right Person

When I asked Jerry Yerke to be a guest on my podcast, I specifically asked if I could invite his wife Denise to join us as well.

This power couple, as I call them, has worked closely together for over 15 years. Considering some couples have a hard time spending extended periods of time together, Denise and Jerry live and work within 6 feet apart most of their time (unless one of them travels). When they both decided to join ASEA, a company I linked my arms with about 2,5 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry in...

Episode 28 March 2024 1h, 15m and 34s

Changing One Thing Always Makes the Next One Easier

Changing One Thing Always Makes the Next One Easier

Robin Thomas worked for quoter of the century in Medical Research at UNC.

When you meet someone who speaks the same language and resonates with similar vibes, it feels so right. We had a great time talking about Robin's journey to found a Living Well Connections Community where she's able to connect and help others who want to improve their quality of life.   

What decisions she had to make when her son was challenged with a serious medical condition?
How did they handle years of juggling medical research with homeschooling, caregiving, and maintaining an act...

Episode 21 March 2024 55m and 50s

I Chose to Help Rather Than Judge

I Chose to Help Rather Than Judge

Kevin V. Wilson isn't the typical guy you meet every day. He's also not a typical guest for my podcast - but when I first met him and heard him speak (his first time from the stage), his story captivated most of us in the audience.

He's natural. I know I needed to hear more of that story, and I know it will inspire many who listen. That's why today's guest is a former Army Ranger, now dedicated coach and speaker who at this time of his life answered his calling to guide fellow men on a...

Episode 14 March 2024 1h, 27m and 22s

I’m Not in The Business to Change Your Eye Color

I’m Not in The Business to Change Your Eye Color

It is not every day you have the opportunity to sit down with some of the most successful business leaders not just in the company you're part of, but also in the entire industry.

I'm talking to the one and only, Alan Noble - a Man of Noble Purpose. Born in Ireland, he found his calling pretty early in his life, but his final destination only after experiencing the good, bad, and the ugly first. Despite that, he was able to go to the heights that only a few can climb. Building a successful business around the...

Episode 22 February 2024 1h, 35m and 9s

Creating The Life You Don't Need Vacation From

Creating The Life You Don't Need Vacation From

Cindy Buck is a former ski instructor, turned corporate National Sales manager, now Tripple Diamond Executive, and a global leader, building organizations all around the globe.   

Growing up in Aspen, Colorado she taught skiing.

Commercial opportunities taught her for the first time about the power of residual income and put her through college!  

When she entered the corporate world – she went from receptionist to national sales manager  

What happened when she got pregnant  

"If I was going to work for anybody, as hard as I work, with the ethics I work wit...

Episode 15 February 2024 1h, 2m and 40s

Doctor Thought He Had The Wrong X-Ray

Doctor Thought He Had The Wrong X-Ray

This episode started completely spontaneously. Originally, we have gotten together with Jeanette Chambers to record her testimonial for wholly different purposes. But once we got into talking, Jeannette, who has an MBA in Healthcare and works for the University of Rochester Medical Center, Informatics team, offered such an electric and touching story, we decided on the spot to leave it whole and use it as another inspirational episode for this podcast.

We touched on her life-defining moments, about a decade ago when she had no idea what to do next; when her life as she knew it...

Episode 8 February 2024 28m and 25s

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