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The Profitable Tradie Podcast

Are you the owner of a Plumbing, Electrical, or similar service business and looking to increase your profits and regain your freedom? If you answered yes to any of the above then follow/subscribe now, this is the podcast for you! Presented by Tony Fraser-Jones and Phil Smith from Profitable Tradie. We dive into what it takes to build a profitable trades business that gives you the time and freedom you deserve. We touch on topics like... - How to hire decent tradespeople. - What to do when clients don't pay their invoice. - How to get around people beating...

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Recent Episodes of The Profitable Tradie Podcast

How To Win Large Jobs or Projects

How To Win Large Jobs or Projects

If there’s one thing I miss from my days as an employee, it's the certainty.  

Getting home at the same time every day and being able to enjoy time with friends & family. 

Don't get me wrong, being a business owner is much better than being an employee... 

But having a guaranteed income does have its advantages. 

That's why landing large jobs is appealing. 

They give you 6-12 months' work that's worth decent money. 

And instead of constantly finding, pricing, completing and invoicing lots of little jobs 

Big j...

Episode 124 4 June 2024 49m and 31s

How Much Should You Pay A Tradesman?

How Much Should You Pay A Tradesman?

How much should you pay your employees? 

It’s not actually all that complicated. 

But let’s get one thing clear. 

There is no golden number. 

For example, I could say that you should pay a new employee $41 per hour.  

But that number is one I made up and more than likely isn’t the right figure for you. 

But here’s the good news.  

It’s not rocket science. 

Every position for every business has that golden number. 

A number which is high enough...

Episode 123 28 May 2024 27m and 46s

How To Stop Rollercoaster Income

How To Stop Rollercoaster Income

Is your work flow up and down? 

One month it feels like you’re two employees short and the next it feels like you have too many. 

Phil & I have noticed more and more businesses suffering from this setback. 

So we recorded a training on what it is and how to avoid it. 


The tools to achieve consistent workflow from month to month Understand what Marketing lag is and how it can effect your workload Urgency to reach out to clients to ke...

Episode 122 21 May 2024 26m and 10s

Show Me Your Calendar, I’ll Show You Your Problems

Show Me Your Calendar, I’ll Show You Your Problems

After a 10 hour shift on the tools you come home for some quality family time. 

For about 90 minutes... 

You then head to the desktop to finish up some estimates, quotes & payroll. 

Bedtime rolls around sometime after 11 when you find your partner is already out. 

Unlike her though you toss and turn. 

It’s hard to sleep with all the stress you’re carrying from owning your business. 

But eventually you drift off. 

And at 5am you get up feeling exhausted, ready to do it all again. 


Episode 121 14 May 2024 18m and 52s

The Ultimate Guide For Managing Tradespeople

The Ultimate Guide For Managing Tradespeople

Do you HATE when employees make avoidable mistakes? 

Nobody’s perfect but employees can take a profitable job and screw it up big time. 

Mistakes in business can be a death sentence. 

But business owners like you and I can also make mistakes. 

The difference is our mistakes tend to be a lot more expensive. 

An apprentice might do a poor job which costs $500 to fix. 

But a business owner who hasn’t delegated that job properly is leaving much more on the table. 

It’s easy to see...

Episode 120 7 May 2024 22m and 23s

The Plumber Who Turned His Life Around - Curtis Hancock

The Plumber Who Turned His Life Around - Curtis Hancock

You’ve just finished an excruciating 12-hour day on the tools.  

It seems that every day for the last year or so has been like this. 

And you’re not sure when this will end and when life will get better. 

You get back home and your wife asks, “hey honey, how was your day?” 

And you say the same thing you say everyday: 

“It was good... How was yours?” 

Curtis Hancock felt like that for 20 years. 

Eventually it was time to make a change. 

And what a chang...

Episode 119 30 April 2024 44m and 54s

Why You Need To Scale Back To Grow

Why You Need To Scale Back To Grow

Have you ever heard the phrase, “trim the sails”? 

It’s one of the most important phrases in business. 

It originates from sailing, where reducing weight and drag creates more speed. 

In business it relates to trimming the fat off a business which has become too bloated to grow. 

It’s too easy to grow quickly only to find yourself with a business which lacks systems. 

Or one which has too many overheads. 

Growing without “trimming the sails” is unsustainable.  

It makes every extra dollar you earn exponential...

Episode 118 23 April 2024 24m and 47s

Why Your Business Could Go Bankrupt

Why Your Business Could Go Bankrupt

“I’m scared of losing my business”.  

That’s something we hear from business owners TOO OFTEN. 

And it’s often because of a fear that the work is going to dry up. 

One day you’re moving into a nice new house and the next you can’t afford the mortgage.  

But what if we told you this sort of thing doesn’t just come out of nowhere. 

If you know what you’re looking for there’s signs that your business is in trouble. 

And things you can do to prevent...

Episode 117 16 April 2024 26m and 7s

What To Say When Customers Object To Your Price

What To Say When Customers Object To Your Price


Not the word you want to hear when tendering for a job.  

We’re not all silky salesmen. 

So we all know that hearing the N word is part of business ownership. 

But as you’ve probably heard about negotiation, no doesn’t mean no. 

Whether someone has outright rejected your quote or is bartering with you to get a better deal... 

There are certain things you can say to put the ball in your court. 

Like a lot of business owners, I’m not interested i...

Episode 116 9 April 2024 32m and 56s

The Mastermind Behind Making Money

The Mastermind Behind Making Money

The money side of business is hard. 

For many it’s downright confusing. 

Way too many trades business owners stare at their numbers without having a clue what they really mean. 

Too many business owners aren’t taught about things like pricing, cashflow and profit maximizing until after they’ve already started the business. 

So they only really pick it up as they go. 

And the only people there to teach them are the accountants who haven't got a clue what it’s like to actually own a trades business.  <...

Episode 115 2 April 2024 39m and 20s

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