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Everything Everywhere Daily

Learn something new every day!Everything Everywhere Daily is a daily podcast for Intellectually Curious People. Host Gary Arndt tells the stories of interesting people, places, and things from around the world and throughout history. Gary is an accomplished world traveler, travel photographer, and polymath. Topics covered include history, science, mathematics, anthropology, archeology, geography, and culture. Past history episodes have dealt with ancient Rome, Phoenicia, Persia, Greece, China, Egypt, and India. as well as historical leaders such as Julius Caesar, Emperor Augustus, Sparticus, and the Carthaginian general Hannibal.Geography episodes have covered Malta, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Monaco, Luxembourg, Vatican City, the Ma...

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Recent Episodes of Everything Everywhere Daily

Why Does a Week Have Seven Days? (Encore)

Why Does a Week Have Seven Days? (Encore)

Most of our major divisions of time are based on some sort of natural event. 

A year is one orbit of the Earth around the sun.

A month is one orbit of the Moon around the Earth.

A day is one rotation of the Earth about its axis. 

However, one of the most commonly used units of time has no natural analog whatsoever.

Learn more about why there are seven days in a week and where the names for the day of the week come from on this episode of...

Episode 1415 21 May 2024 13m and

All About Viruses

All About Viruses

Inside you right now are most probably millions of, possibly even trillions of viruses. 

Some viruses are extremely deadly, but the vast majority are completely benign. They can be found in almost every type of life, including plants, animals, and bacteria. 

Yet viruses are completely different from any other type of life form. In fact, it is debatable whether they are even life forms at all. 

Learn more about viruses, what they are and how they work on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.


Available nationally, loo...

Episode 1414 20 May 2024 15m and 21s

The Battle of Adrianople

The Battle of Adrianople

On August 9, 378, one of the most important battles in history took place. 

While largely forgotten today, it was a critical battle that contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire. 

It wasn’t just a loss for the Roman army; it also resulted in the death of an emperor, and it also contributed to the rise of a group known as the Visigoths, who would go on to spread throughout much of Europe over the next several centuries. 

Learn more about the Battle of Adrianople and how it changed the course of history on th...

Episode 1413 19 May 2024 14m and 14s

Smuggling Silk Out of China (Encore)

Smuggling Silk Out of China (Encore)

There was no product more important to the economy of the ancient world than silk. 

Silk was transported thousands of miles to be purchased by people so far away from its source that they had no clue where it came from. 

The source of silk, however, was China, and for centuries, they had a monopoly, which brought them tremendous wealth. 

That was until they didn’t. 

Learn more about how the secret to silk was smuggled out of China, and the silk monopoly was broken on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily...

Episode 1412 18 May 2024 12m and 32s

The Anaconda Plan

The Anaconda Plan

When the United States entered the Civil War, the Union needed a plan for conducting the war. 

Its senior military commander, General Windfield Scott, devised a strategy that would play to the Union's strengths and exploit the Confederacy's weaknesses. He hoped that it would bring about a swift end to the war and minimize the loss of human life. 

The plan didn’t bring about a swift end to the war, but it did play an instrumental role in the conflict. 

Learn more about the Anaconda Plan and the Union’s grand strategy for def...

Episode 1411 17 May 2024 13m and 15s

City Syndromes

City Syndromes

Psychologists have identified hundreds of different psychological disorders and conditions. 

Some of them are rather common conditions that affect large segments of the population at one time or another. Others are quite rare and only come up in certain circumstances or even in certain places. 

Within that, there is a rare subset of psychological conditions that only tend to appear in certain cities, or were named after cities where first appeared. 

Learn more about psychological syndromes that are named after cities on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.


Episode 1410 16 May 2024 14m and 56s

The Phoenician Civilization (Encore)

The Phoenician Civilization (Encore)

Sometime around 3,200 years ago, a new civilization became ascendent on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 

This group wasn’t like the Empires that surrounded them. They weren’t focused so much on land acquisition and conquest so much as they were focused on commerce and trade. 

For centuries they ruled over trade and commerce in the Mediterranean until they finally succumbed to their more powerful neighbors.

Learn more about the Phoenician Civilization and what set them apart from other ancient civilizations on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.


Episode 1409 15 May 2024 12m and 44s

Edward Teller and the Development of the H-Bomb

Edward Teller and the Development of the H-Bomb

During the Second World War, the United States established the highly secret Manhattan Project to develop an atomic bomb based on nuclear fission.

While the Manhattan Project was ultimately successful, some in the program were thinking bigger. They felt that the explosion from an uncontrolled fission reaction could be used to create an even larger explosion using nuclear fusion. 

One man, in particular, felt that such a device was necessary and spearheaded the efforts after the war to develop a fusion-based hydrogen bomb.

Learn more about Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bo...

Episode 1407 14 May 2024 14m and 44s

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori: 40 Years a Slave (Encore)

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori: 40 Years a Slave (Encore)

In 1788, the son of the leader of the Confederation of Futa Jallon in West Africa was commanding his 2,000 troops against a neighboring military force and was captured. 

He was sold into slavery and spent the next 40 years of his life living as a slave in Mississippi. That was until a chance meeting revealed his true identity, which eventually led to his freedom and the involvement of the President of the United States. 

Learn more about Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, the prince who became a slave and whose emancipation became an international issue, on this episode of...

Episode 1407 13 May 2024 11m and 58s

All About Hair

All About Hair

If you are listening to me speak these words and can understand what I’m saying, then you are a human being.

If you are a human being, you are also a mammal, and if you are a mammal, you have hair….or at least the biological capability to produce hair.

But why exactly do we have hair? What function does it serve? Why do we have less than other animals? And why do people have different types of hair?

Learn more about hair, what it does and how it works on this epis...

Episode 1406 12 May 2024 14m and 52s

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