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#moldfinders: RADIO

Brought to you by, Brian Karr

#moldfinders: RADIO

Get advice from mold expert, Brian Karr, on how to find and remove mold and mycotoxins from your home so you can get healthy again! Brian Karr is the Co-Founder of We Inspect and the Creator of #moldfinders:METHOD and Mold Masterclass. He has helped thousands of people across 5 different continents learn how to find and remove the hidden mold and mycotoxins that are making them sick. Anyone can be a #MoldFinder! Get ready to hear the secrets that have made him the go-to referral for mold doctors across the country to help their patients create homes that allow them...

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Recent Episodes of #moldfinders: RADIO

172: 80% Cheaper Mold Testing - The Next Era Is Here. Custom, Simple, Accurate

172: 80% Cheaper Mold Testing - The Next Era Is Here. Custom, Simple, Accurate

We embarked on this journey 18 months ago to make top-tier mold inspections accessible and affordable for everyone.

And drum roll please!...

It is now available for you!

On today’s episode, I tackled the three main barriers to mold inspections: price, access, and knowledge, and how our customized at-home test kits democratize the process.

Learn about our innovative app that guides you through easy steps to identify mold problems, without needing us to physically visit your house.

Episode 11 June 2024 24m and 13s

171: Is it Past Mold Exposure or My Current Home?

171: Is it Past Mold Exposure or My Current Home?

Today I tackle a common question… “Are the mycotoxins in my body are from a past mold exposure or from my current living environment?” From there I explore the complexities behind mold exposure, including how mold can persist in dry conditions and the significance of overlooked water issues in your home. Do you want to explore whether your current home is impacting your health? Let me guide you through an introspective home inspection process to identify potential mold sources. Plus, I explain the effectiveness of dust testing in revealing mold contamination. Listen in and learn how to take the crucia...

Episode 7 June 2024 13m and 57s

170: Beyond Mold: Healing the Mind After Exposure

170: Beyond Mold: Healing the Mind After Exposure

We talk about living in mold a lot, but what about the post-recovery phase of mold exposure? It's not just about physical remediation and health improvement; the mental and emotional aftermath also needs addressing. In today’s episode I explore how mold-related traumas impact the mind, creating lasting fears and anxieties even after physical health is restored. I talk about various strategies like neural reprogramming, breathwork, and cold plunging. These activities can help regain control over your mental state, ultimately allowing you to lead a normal life again. Listen in to learn about the importance of setting boundaries to pr...

Episode 4 June 2024 17m and 59s

170: When a leak becomes a mold concern. It’s simple math

170: When a leak becomes a mold concern. It’s simple math

There are companies out there called “emergency response” or “water restoration” companies. These companies will come to you when you have a leak to dry it out.

The problem is mold takes just 24-48 hours to grow. So if you do the math, by the time you call the company, and they actually get the building materials dry, 48 hours almost always passes.

This means you now have a 70-80% chance of mold growth in those areas. I don’t really how how emergency response drying companies are able to get away w...

Episode 24 May 2024 22m and 21s

169: Navigating Mold on a Budget

169: Navigating Mold on a Budget

Ballin' on a budget? Who isn't these days?

And, financially preparing for a mold problem isn't exactly at the forefront of our minds until it slaps us in the face.

So how does anyone afford to take care of a mold problem?

This is one of the biggest questions people have.

Mold inspections and remediations can be an overwhelming process. And yes, there can high costs associated with properly addressing your mold issue.

So I wanted to outline steps to ensure it's done correctly the first time to avoid...

Episode 10 May 2024 11m and 4s

168: Finding Hope in Your Journey Through Mold

168: Finding Hope in Your Journey Through Mold

Today, instead of offering tactical advice, I want to share personal stories of people who have overcome significant health challenges due to mold exposure.

These stories highlight the importance of persistence, targeted remediation, and the impact of environmental changes on health recovery.

From my first client Nick, who overcame extreme chemical sensitivities, to Jessica, who battled CIRS, Lyme disease, and brain cancer. Proper inspections and remediation prioritization were essential in improving health outcomes.

Despite severe health valleys, there are peaks. Improvement and recovery are...

Episode 30 April 2024 25m and 39s

167: How I Healed From Mold

167: How I Healed From Mold

The other day I asked you what topics would you like to hear on #moldfinders: RADIO. Some of your responses? “How long did it take to heal?” “What was the breakthrough of when you started to feel better?” And it dawned on me… I’ve been recording for 3 years and a good portion of you might not know my story very well. Are you ready to hear my journey with mold and how I went from getting laid off at an advertising company to being the co-founder of We Inspect? You’re in for a treat this episode! 00:40 Welcome and Introduction t...

Episode 26 April 2024 27m and 7s

166: The Mold Inspection Bible with Brett Bowersock, We Inspect Inspection Supervisor

166: The Mold Inspection Bible with Brett Bowersock, We Inspect Inspection Supervisor

Today we talk all things mold with We Inspect's Field Inspection Supervisor Brett Bowersock!

In this episode, we delve into the behind-the-scenes operations of mold inspection.

Brett, who was one of the first hires at We Inspect, shares his background, and how his passion for environmental health led him to his current role.

We highlight the extensive training and investment in inspectors at We Inspect, underscoring the meticulous standards and procedures employed in their inspections.

Brett explains the detailed...

Episode 15 April 2024 56m and 45s

165: My Health Journey with Part 2: Results with Dr. Stephen Cabral

165: My Health Journey with Part 2: Results with Dr. Stephen Cabral

Today’s episode is part 2 of my four part series with and I’m joined with the one and only Dr. Stephen Cabral!

We focus on personalized health plans developed from my unique lab results that were analyzed by Dr. Stephen Cabral.

We discuss the importance of individualizing health approaches, such as adapting diets, improving sleep patterns, and customizing exercise routines.

This is all based on insights from my testing done for heavy metals, nutrient levels, Candida, metabolic and vitamin profiles, and mycotoxins (as talked about in part 1).

The nuan...

Episode 29 March 2024 1h, 32m and 46s

164: Redefining Primary Healthcare with Chloe Harrouche

164: Redefining Primary Healthcare with Chloe Harrouche

This week let’s welcome Chloe Harrouche, the co-founder and CEO of The Lanby, a revolutionary primary care members club that is reimagining the delivery and expectations of healthcare. We talk through Chloe's personal journey with a breast cancer diagnosis at 23 and how her experiences as both a patient and a healthcare professional led her to identify significant gaps in the healthcare system. Chloe discusses the challenges of navigating a fragmented healthcare system, the lack of communication among specialists, and the difficulty in finding comprehensive care that focuses on prevention and wellness beyond traditional treatments. We explore how The La...

Episode 18 March 2024 51m and 20s

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