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Welcome to The Scoop, The Block's flagship podcast covering finance and technology industries through unmatched interviews with top thought leaders, cultural icons and industry veterans. The Block’s Frank Chaparro hosts new guests every week, diving into breaking news and topics ranging from NFTs, to the impact of DeFi on Wall Street, to Bitcoin's role in the economy and beyond.

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Recent Episodes of The Scoop

Financial advisors in the US are warming up to Bitcoin

Financial advisors in the US are warming up to Bitcoin

Ric Edelman is the founder of the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP).

In this episode, Edelman discusses the importance of financial advisors in the crypto space and emphasizes the need for advisors to understand and embrace crypto to serve their clients' best interests.


0:00 Introduction

04:46 Financial Advisors & BTC

09:38 Bitcoin Adoption Curve

14:02 Shifting FA Perspectives

22:44 Logistics of BTC Allocation

30:51 Updating Portfolio Thoery

34:30 Ric's BTC Price Target

38:01 Residual Skeptics

42:28 Closing Thoughts


Episode 34 11 June 2024 44m and 33s

Wall Street should market Ethereum as the crypto 'app store'

Wall Street should market Ethereum as the crypto 'app store'

Jeff Dorman is Arca's Chief Investment Officer.

In this episode, Chaparro and Dorman discuss the recent approval of the spot ether ETFs and how it opens the door for institutional investors to engage with the Ethereum ecosystem.

The discussion also highlights the importance of regulatory clarity and the shifting sentiment towards crypto in Washington. 


00:00 Introduction

02:34 ETH ETF Approval

06:02 Wall Street Onchain?

12:05 ETH ETFs & Market Structure

17:53 ETH Headwinds & Underperformance

21:28 Altcoin ETFs?

25:27 Crypto's Crowded VC Landscape

Episode 33 6 June 2024 51m and 49s

Crypto's political paradigm shift

Crypto's political paradigm shift

Kristin Smith is the CEO of Blockchain Association and Anthony Scaramucci is the founder and managing partner of SkyBridge Capital.

In this episode, Smith and Scaramucci discuss the impact of crypto policy and politics on recent events, including the ETH ETF win, bipartisan support, and the influence of Trump and Biden.

The discussion highlights the significance of the crypto voter, the evolving stance of the White House, and the potential impact on elections.


00:00 Introduction

00:38 Political Paradigm Shift

05:57 Biden WH Crypto Policy

08:09 Crypto 'Voting Bloc'<...

Episode 32 4 June 2024 29m and 27s

Early-stage crypto investing is broken

Early-stage crypto investing is broken

Kain Warwick is the co-founder of the DeFi protocol Synthetix, and a partner at the crypto VC firm Bodhi Ventures.

In this episode, Warwick discusses the brokenness of the traditional venture capital model and how it has led to the emergence of new fundraising mechanisms in the crypto space.


00:00 Introduction

00:41 Warwick's Crypto Journey

02:37 Synthetix History

04:47 RWA Trends

11:42 Tokenized Commodities

15:15 Crypto VC Trends

25:19 Airdrop Mechanism Design

27:56 Points

31:12 Early-Stage Inefficiencies

40:49 Deal Flow


Episode 31 29 May 2024 51m and 15s

Tether's next big bet is on AI

Tether's next big bet is on AI

Paolo Ardoino is the CEO of Tether.

In this episode, Ardoino discusses the strategic vision of Tether and its expansion into new business units, including AI and education.

The current market cap of Tether's primary product USDT is hovering around $110 billion.


00:00 Tether & Disintermediation

08:12 Tether’s New Strategies

17:44 Macroeconomics & USDT Growth

21:07 Tether’s Reserves

25:00 Tether Gold

27:22 AI Revolution

33:07 Tether’s AI Division

38:30 Tokenized RWAs

43:47 Closing Thoughts

This episode is brought to you...

Episode 30 24 May 2024 49m and 38s

Crypto VCs are slowly transitioning into generalists

Crypto VCs are slowly transitioning into generalists

Jake Brukhman is the founder and CEO of CoinFund.

In this episode, Brukhman explores the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies and their impact on consumers, and shares his thoughts on the saturation of the early-stage crypto VC market.


00:00 Introduction

01:33 CoinFund's Structure & Strategy

05:56 Early vs. Late Stage Crypto Venture

16:37 Crypto AI & DePIN

28:35 Crypto DePIN

32:51 Tokenomics & PMF

37:00 Interoperability Trends

41:14 Shifting LP Expectations

46:50 Closing Thoughts

This episode is brought to you by our...

Episode 29 22 May 2024 53m and 43s

The crypto industry is refocusing on the uses of its tech stack

The crypto industry is refocusing on the uses of its tech stack

Denelle Dixon is the CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation — the primary development team supporting the Stellar blockchain.

In this episode, Dixon emphasizes the potential of blockchain technology to transform financial services in low- to medium-income countries, particularly in Africa and South America.

She also addresses the need for policymakers to create a supportive environment for the industry and the importance of asset issuance and payments in creating equitable access to the global financial system.


This episode is brought to you by our sponsor Polkadot

Polkadot is...

Episode 28 20 May 2024 36m and 25s

The next phase of crypto derivatives

The next phase of crypto derivatives

Luke Hoersten is the founder and CEO of Bitnomial — a derivatives exchange that aims to replace the underlying rails of the global commodities trading market with crypto.

Bitnomial has obtained regulatory approval for an exchange license, a clearinghouse license and a brokerage license, making them the first business to have all three licenses under one roof.

In this episode, Hoersten discusses the technical innovation to collateral management and trading offered by crypto and the future of collateral management in the crypto derivatives market. 


00:00 Introduction

04:36 Bitnomial's Lic...

Episode 27 16 May 2024 39m and 26s

Crypto's crowded venture market could lead to a resurgence in liquid investing

Crypto's crowded venture market could lead to a resurgence in liquid investing

Zaheer Ebtikar is the founder and CIO of Split Capital.

In this episode, Ebtikar discusses the opportunity of liquid crypto investment strategies and the challenges faced by crypto venture firms, including crowded markets and longer lock-up periods.


00:00 Introduction

05:14 Evolution of Crypto Venture

08:12 Nuances of Liquid Crypto Funds

10:58 Liquid Fund Capital Allocators

13:59 Crypto Market Inefficiencies

17:38 Shifting Fundamentals

20:38 Impact of ETFs

22:49 Market Opportunities

37:02 Closing Thoughts

Episode 26 13 May 2024 40m and 28s

Debt markets are being overhauled by blockchain

Debt markets are being overhauled by blockchain

Max Boonen is the founder of PV01 — a platform that allows issuers to access capital and for investors to purchase debt using blockchain.

In this episode, Boonen discusses the challenges of accessing debt capital markets and the potential of tokenization in the crypto space, including the paradigm shift from provider-based markets to token-based markets in DeFi.

PV01 uses a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to buy one bond and issue a token that represents the bond. This token is both a representation of a bond and a bond itself.

Episode 25 7 May 2024 47m and 30s

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