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Something Scary

Do you wanna hear something scary? Join Blair and Steffany every week as they bring you the creepiest ghost stories, urban legends, and folktales.Wanna hear something scary without ads? Click here: wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: For advertising opportunities please email   Privacy Policy:

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Recent Episodes of Something Scary

Whispers From the Dead

Whispers From the Dead

There are more people than you think who possess the extraordinary ability to bridge the divide between the living and the dead. These mediums offer solace to the grieving, relaying messages from beyond and giving closure to those left behind. But with this gift comes a grave responsibility, because not all spirits are benevolent. Some carry dark secrets and sinister intentions, warning that some communication with the paranormal can be deadly.

First, death follows 

Followed by summoning evil

Then, one with the dead

And, finally, a special story f...

Episode 287 21 May 2024 33m and 3s

Echoes of Madness

Echoes of Madness

Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're feeling is real danger or if it’s your imagination playing tricks on you. It can be easy to mistake your own paranoia for the danger that is truly lurking around you. Those scary thoughts could feel like spirits trying to mess with your head. You'll need to be strong enough to fight off those demons while at the same time, doing battle with the inner ones we all deal with.

First, a digital devil 

Followed by a dead man walking 

Finally in o...

Episode 286 14 May 2024 29m and 26s

A Fatal Fixation

A Fatal Fixation

We all have hobbies and interests that bring us joy, from following favorite celebrities to collecting unique items or mastering a craft. Sometimes, these passions can border on obsession. While it's fulfilling to become an expert on something, obsession can spiral into a dangerous fixation and can sometimes go too far. When admiration turns into a fatal fixation, it’s horrifying to learn what you might be willing to do for it, or will it eventually consume you. 

First, the Youtube Killer

Followed by breeding a beast

Then, the red-eyed, baby...

Episode 285 7 May 2024 32m and 31s

Home Is Where The Haunting Is

Home Is Where The Haunting Is

So many of us view our home as our sanctuary, a haven where we seek peace from the chaos of the outside world. But whether we realize it or not, we are never truly alone. Within a home’s comforting walls, lurking in the shadows, lies a realm of the unknown. Hauntings and paranormal occurrences shatter our illusion of safety, reminding us that we are never truly safe. 

First, the girl that haunts

Followed by, when your reflection talks back 

Finally in our last story, a wicked obsession


Episode 284 30 April 2024 26m and 28s

A Spring Break to Forget -  terror strikes on the bus, is there a spirit following my cousin, and a haunting visit to Hawaii

A Spring Break to Forget - terror strikes on the bus, is there a spirit following my cousin, and a haunting visit to Hawaii

After studying tirelessly or and waiting out the dark cold days of winter, everyone eagerly anticipates Spring break. But it's not always the magical vacation getaway we had wished for. Venturing into unknown places for vacation and disrupting routines often opens your eyes to other realities, revealing a startling truth: paranormal activity and evil doers lurk closer than you ever imagined. These encounters may lead to torment, and a desperate desire to go back to normalcy, but once the awareness sets in, you can never go back. 

First, no kids ever allowed


Episode 342 23 April 2024 25m and 59s

Lost in Tunnels of Terror and Time

Lost in Tunnels of Terror and Time

Have you ever felt you were trapped in a recurring horror loop, unable to break free? Seeking help, especially when dealing with the paranormal, can be tough because you might feel too far gone for anyone to rescue you. It's like being lost in a dark maze, where even a cry for help gets swallowed by the shadows. You’re faced with the idea of giving up, or fighting the nightmare for eternity.

First, the popular creepypasta, In The Walls

Followed by a never ending nightmare

Finally, in our last sto...

Episode 282 16 April 2024 29m and 8s

Lunar Lunacy

Lunar Lunacy

Last night's new moon means the full moon will be here soon! And it may leave you feeling a bit different, braver, maybe even more erratic. Historically, such nights see heightened crime, increased hospital visits and more overall madness. It’s attributed to the primal pull of nature. Those unable to control this urge will incite trouble, earning the label "lunatics" from lunar, as in, the moon made me do it. So beware: don’t give in to your inner animal on the night of a full moon, feeling unhinged could lead to danger all around you.


Episode 281 9 April 2024 26m and 5s

Dollars For Death - a pale young woman who appears from nowhere, a jealous younger sister, and a sister learns that it never pays to be greedy

Dollars For Death - a pale young woman who appears from nowhere, a jealous younger sister, and a sister learns that it never pays to be greedy

We all need money to survive so we can pay our bills and put food on the table. But money and greed possess an insidious power, capable of turning even the most kind-hearted souls into monsters. If we give in to the allure of wealth, empathy disappears, replaced by a relentless pursuit of profit at any cost. The insatiable hunger for more blinds us to the consequences of actions. Ultimately, this pursuit can destroy the human spirit, turning once decent people into unrecognizable creatures.

First, a tale from Japan

Followed by curse...

Episode 280 2 April 2024 34m and 43s

Terror Tales from the Locker Room

Terror Tales from the Locker Room

Being a teenager is a difficult enough journey on its own, having to navigate through the complexities of relationships, and societal pressures. But, when the supernatural intrudes on your life at such a young age, it becomes an overwhelming burden. On top of everything else, you have to deal with the voices and presence of otherworldly beings. And if no one believes you, it adds isolation and fear to your everyday life, turning your teenage years into a terrifying reality.

First, shadows of the stage

Followed by an impossible escape


Episode 279 26 March 2024 32m and 7s



Do you wanna hear Something Scary? Join Blair and Steffany every week as they bring you the creepiest ghost stories, folktales, urban legends and tales of the supernatural.



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Episode 19 March 2024 30s

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