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The Exit Plan Podcast

Brought to you by, Dana Robinson and Nathaniel Broughton

The Exit Plan Podcast

Exit Plan is a podcast for business owners and those who want to be business owners. I’m always in search of the lesser known stories of entrepreneurship. In the Exit Plan podcast, you’ll hear stories from start up to sale, and hear from the professionals who helped business owners achieve their exit. Hosted by me, author and private equity manager Dana Robinson, along with my co-hosts and guests, you’ll hear real stories, tips, and tools that will help you plan for the exit you want, whether you are still working a day job or already running a busine...

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Recent Episodes of The Exit Plan Podcast

Market Positioning (ft. Jason Somerville)

Market Positioning (ft. Jason Somerville)

Jason Somerville is a seasoned entrepreneur and investment banking professional with nearly 20 years of experience in capital markets, M&A, strategic planning, business operations, and brand building. He is the Founding Partner of GW Partners.

"I want to let the next owner do that. And I'm happy to kind of, we'll say, leave meat on that bone effectively for that new owner to go and do that." 


Key themes included:

1. Market Understanding and Strategy

2. Importance of Mentorship

3. Benefits of Franchise Models

4. Strategic Partnerships and Jo...

Episode 17 11 June 2024 48m and 42s

Being an Outlaw (ft. Alex Prasad)

Being an Outlaw (ft. Alex Prasad)

Alex Prasad emphasizes the importance of enjoying conversations and forming relationships in business dealings. He believes that genuine interactions, like asking about someone's holiday or family, pave the way for deeper connections.

Through these conversations, Alex finds numerous opportunities to help people, connect them with others, and share his opinions in an organic manner. This approach not only facilitates business discussions but also nurtures lasting professional relationships.

"I stepped off the moving walkway without a plan. Didn't go well, by the way, but I took a risk, and I saved at least something, so...

Episode 16 4 June 2024 1h, 4m and 11s

Navigating Business Exits (ft. Chris Kurwie)

Navigating Business Exits (ft. Chris Kurwie)

Chris Kurwie, driven by a profound entrepreneurial spirit, ventured from a demanding legal career to become a prominent business owner. Drawing from his own challenging journey, Chris underscores the value of resilience and long-term thinking in business.

He is the operational head of a Sydney-based company and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs maximize the value of their businesses. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn and benefit from his insights on navigating business exits and creating enduring success.

"I hadn't appreciated that for every extra unit of complexity in the strategy you had like ten units...

Episode 15 28 May 2024 1h, 4m and 15s

The Entrepreneurial Journey (ft. Reid Tileston)

The Entrepreneurial Journey (ft. Reid Tileston)

Reid Tileston is an author, keynote speaker and expert in Entrepreneurial Business Ownership. With 

the release of his new book, Grit It Done, Reid shares his insights from over 15 years of successful, on-the-ground Entrepreneurial Business Ownership that led him to acquire, grow, and ultimately sell 4 different

 companies with successful exits.


His most recent acquisition resulted in a 10x return multiple of invested

capital (MOIC). Reid has exhibited sustained success from being a top performing Anytime Fitness franchisee to working with leading brands such as Harley Davidson, The Milwaukee Bucks, Joh...

Episode 14 21 May 2024 51m and 15s

Family-Owned Businesses (ft. Chris Parisi)

Family-Owned Businesses (ft. Chris Parisi)

Chris Parisi began his entrepreneurial journey young, mowing lawns before diving into the worlds of accounting and private equity. Now a partner at Carl Marks Advisors, he specializes in mergers and acquisitions for family-owned businesses, blending a sharp acumen for finance with a deep respect for the legacy of family enterprises.

Known for his approachable nature and effective communication, Chris thrives on educating and guiding business owners through the complexities of selling their businesses. His ability to simplify intricate financial details and nurture client relationships ensures that every transaction is transparent and tailored to meet individual business...

Episode 13 14 May 2024 1h, 5m and 33s

The Oil Industry (ft. RJ Burr)

The Oil Industry (ft. RJ Burr)

RJ Burr, 48, is a third-generation producer of American oil. Born into the industry, Mr. Burr was on his first location before he could walk and has been fascinated by the production of oil his entire life.


Within 3 months of graduating high school, RJ Burr funded his first partnership and never looked back. RJ Burr is now the Senior VP of Corporate Operations at Panex.  With a main focus on the Gulf Coast, Mr. Burr’s companies have raised and deployed over $300 million in upstream development and have partnered with some of the largest oil and gas...

Episode 12 30 April 2024 54m and 48s

Understanding Private Equity (ft. Alan Ezeir)

Understanding Private Equity (ft. Alan Ezeir)

Alan Ezeir is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of identifying unique opportunities and transforming industries, evident in his pivot from telecom to the domain registration space. His entrepreneurial journey is marked by a spectrum of investments, from the successful build-up of a 7 million strong domain registry to ventures in cryptocurrency, real estate, and private equity.

As an independent sponsor, Ezeir harnesses personal connections and market knowledge to acquire and enhance businesses, bringing a hands-on approach to the value creation process. Beloved for his engaging personality and savvy investment strategies, Alan continues to foster meaningful connections...

Episode 11 23 April 2024 1h, 17s

Managing Your Business (ft. Ryan Sandburg)

Managing Your Business (ft. Ryan Sandburg)

Ryan Sandburg is a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen insight into operational efficiency and business growth. His journey from the construction industry to tech company ownership demonstrates his adaptability and willingness to immerse himself in new sectors.

With his proactive approach to problem-solving and expertise in software implementation, Ryan successfully scaled his company, Presearch Inc., to become a leading provider in background checks for employment. His story is one of leveraging skills learned on the job to carve out a niche in entrepreneurship, embodying the spirit of continuous learning and strategic development.

"Two years ago...

Episode 10 17 April 2024 52m and 56s

Business Culture Matters (ft. Robert Clinkenbeard)

Business Culture Matters (ft. Robert Clinkenbeard)

Robert Clinkenbeard's story begins with the invaluable lessons he gained while employed by another firm, which would later become the bedrock of his journey into entrepreneurship.

Embracing the natural pathway of learning, Robert is candid about the numerous mistakes he made in the initial stages of his business venture. It was a process of trial and error, a hands-on experience that taught him more than any textbook could.

Together, we'll explore the critical steps a business should take 2 to 3 years prior to a sale, including consulting with CPAs, lawyers, and getting your financials in order...

Episode 9 9 April 2024 45m and 28s

Career Building (ft. Jena Dunay)

Career Building (ft. Jena Dunay)

Jena Dunay believes in the power of ownership in one’s career, advocating for job seekers to approach their work as valuable contributors. Her expertise lies in coaching individuals, especially senior-level job changers, to hone their storytelling and confidence for career success.

With a robust experience in various roles leading up to becoming a chief learning officer, she transitioned back into entrepreneurship to achieve work-life balance and create impactful businesses. Jena's journey illustrates her dedication to personal growth and her drive to empower others in their professional endeavors through her platform,

Here, we ch...

Episode 8 2 April 2024 48m and 45s

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