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Brought to you by, Robb Knight and John Voorhees

Ruminate Podcast

A podcast about what's on our minds.

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Recent Episodes of Ruminate Podcast

186 - A Wallet-Trembling Show

186 - A Wallet-Trembling Show

New podcasts, the Ruminate intro song is back, snack news, some keyboard accessories, and an alternative to the small web.

NPC: Next Portable Console - MacStories

Comfort Zone - MacStories

Podcasts - MacStories

8BitDo Keyboard Extensions - Super Buttons, Super ABXY, Super Stick (S

8BitDo Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad (Ships on July 15th, 2024)

The Converse Experiment: Report One • Robb Knight

A WeblogPoMo Retrospective • Robb Knight

Episode 186 11 June 2024 36m and 44s

185 - I'll Eat Glue Cheese

185 - I'll Eat Glue Cheese

John goes to Applebee's and a new game store, they both check out the new Legend of Zelda Lego, Robb launched a new project, then they head into AI corner.

Hey, it's Jason! // OfficeSpace.gif

Matrix Bot ( - Beep Town

Office Space Bot ( - Beep Town

Applebee's Dollaritas - $1 Margaritas Are Back for a Limited Time Only!

Miyoo Mini Plus

Gamers Alley (@gamersalleyonline) • Instagram photos and videos

Lego Collection • Robb Knight

LEGO The Legend of Zelda set reve...

Episode 185 28 May 2024 30m and 1s

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

Snack follow up, a WeblogPoMo progress update, the 100 best albums, and AI on iOS.

Herr's Carolina Reaper Flavoured Cheese Curls - 1oz (28.4g) - American Fizz

The rack of KitKats

#WeblogPoMo • Robb Knight

7622 - Why I spell my name with two Bs

Apple Music celebrates the launch of inaugural 100 Best Albums list - Apple

100 Best Albums (Robb's Version)

App Store stopped over $7 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions - Apple

Episode 184 14 May 2024 36m and 44s

183 - You Could Get a Big Can in There

183 - You Could Get a Big Can in There

More snacks than you can shake a stick at, Weblog posting month 2024, Raycast experiments, and some new game controllers.

Pringles Crocs: New shoes, ankle holster and crisp flavor unveiled

Jalapeno Popper Cheese Curls – Herr's

Chupa Chups Cola Popcorn 110g | Popcorn | B&M

Apple Annie’s Weblog · Participators in WeblogPoMo 2024

Raycast - Your shortcut to everything

Kishi Ultra Mobile Gaming Controller (USB C) | Razer United Kingdom

GameSir X2s Type-C Hall Effect Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone 15 – GameSir Official Store

Episode 183 30 April 2024 29m and 3s

182 - Straight to the Eggplant and Peach

182 - Straight to the Eggplant and Peach

John has more pickle snacks, Robb bought a new keyboard, and John grills Robb on what exactly EchoFeed is.

Krinkle Cut™ Dill Pickle - Kettle Brand

Join Club MacStories

Using the 8BitDo Keyboard on MacOS • Robb Knight

8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock(Bluetooth) | 8BitDo

Keystone Artisan Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard Question Mark Anime Theme Yellow Color Zinc Aluminum Alloy Metal Customize - AliExpress

Knob Design low profile keyboard

DropScout | Save Money on Amazon with Price Alerts!


Episode 182 16 April 2024 33m and 47s

181 - A Dusting of Dill

181 - A Dusting of Dill

Starting with some very old follow up, John has a story about Dominos, they both have a near-miss on being April-fooled, then into a discussion about webmentions, plus a little bit about Arc.

Webmentions | crashthearcade

Mastodon Webmentions and Privacy • Robb Knight

Neatnik Notes · A Fediverse, if you can keep it

A simple explainer on federation, and what it means for Threads users

We Might Not Make It - by The Browser Company

Episode 181 2 April 2024 31m and 23s

180 - Spoilers for Colin

180 - Spoilers for Colin

180 - Spoilers for Colin

Ruminate joins MacStories then some follow up on the AI/Arc discussion, Tim Berners-Lee’s open letter, Robb explains Colin the Caterpillar, and John dives into Southern food.

Ruminate is now part of MacStories Ruminate Joins MacStories  Pizza Hut’s 2,880-calorie monster: a taste of a burgeoning global food crisis AI Follow Up: I Just Want a Nice Browser! | Havn The Browser Company feels gross to me right now 🔗 AI is Strip Mining the Web - Wavelengths MacStories Weekly: Issue 408 Marking the Web’s 35th Birthday: An Open Letter - World Wide Web Founda...

Episode 180 17 March 2024 32m and 11s

179 - Full of Spicy Takes

179 - Full of Spicy Takes

Magic Rays of Light - MacStories

@rknightuk on pixelfed

The pub photo guy on pixelfed

Instagram is threatening legal action against Pixelfed | Hacker News

Pixelfed Mobile Apps

Neatnik Notes · Motive as a filter

feedle: Search and Discover Quality RSS Feeds from Thousands of Blogs and Podcasts

The Web is Fantastic • Robb Knight

Puff Pastry Sausage Roll Recipe • Robb Knight

Delicious Homemade Sausage Rolls | BaldHiker

Episode 179 5 March 2024 32m and 17s

178 - Emoji Fries

178 - Emoji Fries

THE Eleventy Meetup

Using Eleventy to Gobble Up Everything I Do Online - YouTube

Eleventy, a simpler static site generator

Netcraft, Facebook, and Digital Ocean • Robb Knight

Where is all of the fediverse?

Dedicated Server, Cloud, Storage & Hosting

Federico's Mastodon spam

joethei/obsidian-rss: Read RSS Feeds from inside obsidian

BOOX Tab Ultra | 10.3'' ePaper Tablet PC made for Productivity – The Official BOOX Store

Moon+ Reader for Android

Joe Rosensteel 🏳️‍🌈: "@robb what the fuck are these …" -

Episode 178 20 February 2024 26m and 16s

177 - First Impressions with John

177 - First Impressions with John

THE Eleventy Meetup

Pika - Start Your Happy Blog


🆕 Never Post! I'm Mad, You're Mad, We're All Mad Here

Decoder with Nilay Patel: Platformer’s Casey Newton on surviving the great media collapse and what comes next on Apple Podcasts

Ruminates’s producer is Robb Knight. Our senior producer is Robb Knight. Our executive producer is Robb Knight. The show’s hosts are Robb Knight and John Voorhees.

Episode 177 6 February 2024 29m and 53s

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