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Unorthodox is the universe’s leading Jewish podcast, hosted by Stephanie Butnick, Liel Leibovitz, and Joshua Malina. Each week we bring you News of the Jews, interesting guests—one Jewish and one gentile—and so much more.

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Recent Episodes of Unorthodox

Summer Breaks

Summer Breaks

This week on the show, we’re catching a wave. 

Producers Courtney Hazlett and Elie Bleier head to Tel Aviv to learn about the history of Israeli surfing from surfer Arthur Rashkovan. 

Accompanying Tablet’s just-published reflections from Jewish college students about a semester like no other, producer Josh Kross heads to the University of Chicago to catch up with one of the essay writers. 

You’ll also hear from Stephanie and Liel about the Torah class they led in a local correctional institute, organized...

Episode 414 23 May 2024 59m and 10s

Eitan Bernath, Shai Held, and Rivky Itzkowitz Are Here to Eat, Pray, Love

Eitan Bernath, Shai Held, and Rivky Itzkowitz Are Here to Eat, Pray, Love

This week on the show, we’re Eden Golan’s biggest fans. 

TikTok phenom and cookbook author Eitan Bernath tells us about the Jewish foods featured in his new series, “Eitan Explores: Mexico City.” 

Rabbi Shai Held of the Hadar Institute and the Answers WithHeld podcast delves into his new book, Judaism Is About Love. 

And Orthodox clothing designer Rivky Itzkowitz shows off Impact Fashion, her size-inclusive fashion brand offering modest clothing for all.  

The Israeli Eurovision winners heard in today’s ep...

Episode 413 16 May 2024 1h, 49m and 32s

Conversations with Noa Tishby, Emmanuel Acho and Michael Rapaport

Conversations with Noa Tishby, Emmanuel Acho and Michael Rapaport

This week on the show, we’re opening a dialogue. 

Jewish actor Noa Tishby and Gentile sports commentator Emmanuel Acho share what they learned from each other while co-writing their new book, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Jew. 

Actor Michael Rapaport and Dr. Aliza Erber talk about their involvement in the Sharing Memories project, an effort by Israeli aid organization Latet and Meta in Israel that’s bringing Holocaust survivors’ stories to social media for Yom HaShoah. 

And we speak with Barnard College senior Noa Fay about...

Episode 412 9 May 2024 1h, 2m and 15s

Unorthodox Presents: Fire Dance

Unorthodox Presents: Fire Dance

This week on the show, we’re diving into the newest must-watch Israeli television series, thanks to our friends at ChaiFlicks, the Jewish streaming service.

Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein-Shai discusses her new drama, Fire Dance, a tale of passion, fulfillment, and faith set in an ultra-Orthodox community near the Sea of Galilee. 

Unorthodox listeners get 50% off new ChaiFlicks subscriptions and a seven-day free trial with code FIREPOD at checkout. Visit to get started.

We’re excited to share a special opportunity for Unort...

Episode 6 May 2024 17m and 39s

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

This week on the show, we’re reporting from Columbia University, where in recent days anti-Israel protesters have set up an encampment and occupied an administrative building. You can read Tablet’s long-running coverage of the escalating situation on American college campuses here, and Liel’s 2019 article “Get Out” here.

Liel and Tablet editor-in-chief Alana Newhouse speak with New York City Mayor Eric Adams about the protests, the NYPD response, and more.

Stephanie heads to Columbia to see what’s happening on campus and talk to students.

Plus, we’re sharing a rece...

Episode 411 2 May 2024 2h, 4m and 7s

The Minyan

The Minyan

This week on Unorthodox, we’re highlighting the latest installment of The Minyan, Tablet’s roundtable series on American Jewish life, hosted by Abigail Pogrebin. Tablet’s Executive Editor Wayne Hoffman discusses the newest offering, which features a conversation with Jews from the former Soviet Union. Their stories of endurance and emigration resonate always, but especially during Passover.

You can read this and previous installments of The Minyan at And don’t miss the Tablet member Zoom on May 9 discussing the issues raised by participants. Find out more at

Episode 410 25 April 2024 20m and 54s

In Every Generation

In Every Generation

This week on the show, we’re taking time to remember. 

Memory is at the core of so much of Jewish life and tradition, especially during Passover. So we’re sharing several stories about memories, from the individual to the collective, and from the difficult to the uplifting. 

Tablet writer Gabriel Sanders reads his essay about preparing for his first Passover without his father, who spent the last years of his life with Alzeimer's disease. (The version of Ma Lecha Hayam featured in this story is performed by Paul and Li...

Episode 409 18 April 2024 53m and 8s

Let All Who Are Hungry

Let All Who Are Hungry

Around the world, food insecurity impacts far too many lives. As the war rages on, and hunger threatens so many inside and outside of Israel, the words of the Haggadah implore: “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” Before we sit down for our festive Passover meals, Unorthodox is shining a light on those who help make sure everyone has access to food, year-round.

Producers Courtney Hazlett and Elie Bleier visit the Jerusalem food pantry of Meir Panim, which gives out meals to those in need, including many affected by October 7th and the war. 

Episode 408 15 April 2024 36m and 24s

Popping Up

Popping Up

This week on the show, there’s a new (Jewish) sheriff in town.

First, another story from our recent reporting trip to Israel. Liel sat down with IDF soldier Shavit Romero, who shared his journey from growing up non-Jewish in Tel Aviv, to getting wounded in Gaza and starting his conversion process. 

Our Gentile of the Week is Caroline D’Amore, founder of Pizza Girl, who tells us how October 7 and its aftermath sparked her viral support for Israel and her visit to one of the kibbutzim attacked by Hamas...

Episode 407 11 April 2024 1h, 5m and 56s

Join the Club

Join the Club

This week on the show, we’re sharing stories from our second reporting trip to Israel. 

Former First Lady of Israel Lihi Lapid joins us to discuss her newly translated novel, On Her Own, about two Israeli families in crisis, as well as finding a way through the Jewish state’s present crises. 

Jon Polin shares his experience advocating for the return of his son, Hersh Goldberg-Polin, nearly 200 days after he was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. 

And we visit Tel Aviv’s Social Grocery S...

Episode 406 4 April 2024 1h, 13m and 1s

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