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Be Truly Heard

Welcome to the Be Truly Heard Podcast with me, Anne Leatherland. I’m a coach and voice expert with over 27 years of experience. I'm also a woman in business who understands the power of communication. In this podcast, I will help you control your nerves, sound more authoritative, speak confidently, and be taken seriously! I will share valuable growth strategies to help you overcome the barriers of communication in your life. Join me on this journey and get ready to be truly heard.

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Recent Episodes of Be Truly Heard

Ego in Leadership – Friend or Foe? With Mary Gregory

Ego in Leadership – Friend or Foe? With Mary Gregory

In this week’s episode, I'm delighted to welcome Mary Gregory, a seasoned leadership coach, consultant, author, and speaker with over 25 years of experience in helping leaders navigate through challenging changes, meet ambitious targets, and build trustworthy relationships.

She is also a thought leader on the Forbes Coaches Council, where she shares her insights on leadership, empathy, connection, and the future of work.

Mary and I discuss strategies to enhance confidence and assertiveness, crucial for anyone aspiring to lead effectively and authentically in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

Join us as we explore the in...

Episode 29 17 July 2024 28m and 38s

This Is How My Voice Is... Or Is It?

This Is How My Voice Is... Or Is It?

Join me this week, where we dive into the fascinating world of voice modulation and control.

Today, we’re challenging the common belief that "that's just how my voice is," and exploring the vast potential for change that lies within us all.

Whether you're looking to tweak your tone for better communication or overhaul your vocal presence completely, this episode is packed with practical advice on developing physical skills that affect your voice.

From understanding the science of voice to applying techniques for tone adjustment, we'll cover how to harness your voice to re...

Episode 28 10 July 2024 19m and 5s

Voicing The Written Word: Tips From A Copy Editor

Voicing The Written Word: Tips From A Copy Editor

In today’s episode, we delve into the integral link between spoken and written communication, and how mastering both can enhance your professional presence.

I’m joined by Lindsay Corten, an expert copy editor and proofreader, who sheds light on common pitfalls in business writing and shares invaluable tips for conveying your message with clarity and impact.

Whether you're drafting an email or preparing a business report, understanding the nuances of tone, style, and grammar can significantly influence your audience's perception.

Join us as we explore how to align your voice across all plat...

Episode 27 3 July 2024 22m and 18s

Debunking 5 Vocal Myths

Debunking 5 Vocal Myths

Today, I'm debunking common myths about voice use.

You’ve probably heard things like "breathe from your diaphragm" or "avoid dairy before speaking" touted as voice care advice. But how many of these are based on current research, and how many are just well-circulated myths?

From breathing techniques to the effects of caffeine on your voice, I’ll explore these topics with the latest insights.

Join me as we clear up misconceptions and share practical knowledge to help you use your voice confidently and effectively.

Here are the highlights:

(1:03) Debu...

Episode 26 26 June 2024 18m and 4s

Break Free from Boring - Dynamic Podcasting Tips with Jeremy Fisher

Break Free from Boring - Dynamic Podcasting Tips with Jeremy Fisher

Today, I'm excited to introduce a special guest, Jeremy Fisher—an internationally renowned vocal and performance coach, lecturer, multiple #1 best-selling author and prize-winning musician.

Join us as we explore effective strategies for podcast guests, public speakers, or anyone wanting to engage their audience more effectively.

Jeremy shares his journey from a shy musician to a confident speaker and provides invaluable tips on using your voice to captivate and inspire.

Don't miss this episode full of practical advice to help you communicate with confidence and authenticity.

Here are the highlights:

(1:03) Po...

Episode 25 19 June 2024 26m and 10s

Healing From Negative Feedback

Healing From Negative Feedback

In today's episode, we delve into the delicate topic of feedback, especially when it pertains to one's voice, a core aspect of our identity.

We explore strategies for processing and reframing past criticism and negative feedback, transforming these experiences into opportunities for growth and learning.

We'll discuss how to differentiate between constructive and unhelpful comments, understand the intent behind the feedback, and take actionable steps to improve and build resilience.

Join me as we learn how to handle feedback with grace and turn potentially wounding comments into stepping stones for personal development.


Episode 24 12 June 2024 17m and 54s

Assertiveness in Leadership with Laura Howard

Assertiveness in Leadership with Laura Howard

In today’s episode, I'm joined by Laura Howard, Founder and Psychologist of the Contented Workplace Company, to explore practical strategies for maintaining your stance without crossing into aggression.

We'll discuss the importance of knowing and respecting your boundaries, influenced by your core values, and how this shapes your ability to be assertive.

Whether you're a leader or someone looking to assert themselves more effectively, this conversation will equip you with the tools to express your needs and wants confidently while maintaining respect for others.

Tune in to empower your voice and learn ho...

Episode 23 5 June 2024 17m and 33s

But I Don't Like My Own Voice

But I Don't Like My Own Voice

Do you dislike the sound of your own voice?

Has it ever stopped you from speaking up in public?

If so, this episode is for you.

We'll explore why many of us cringe at our recorded voices, how it holds us back, and what we can do to overcome it.

Even if you're comfortable with your voice, you'll find useful insights to share with others. Tune in to discover how to embrace your voice and make it work for you!

Here are the highlights:

(05:08) How audio recordings...

Episode 22 29 May 2024 16m and 25s

The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening

Today, we explore the art of active listening—what it means to truly hear someone and why it's crucial for effective communication.

Whether in personal conversations or professional settings, understanding how to engage fully with others can transform your interactions.

We'll discuss strategies for active and passive listening, how to create a safe space for dialogue, and the importance of body language and feedback.

Join me to enhance your communication skills and connect more deeply with those around you.

Here are the highlights:

(1:03) The importance of active listening.


Episode 21 22 May 2024 16m and 18s

Is it a Man's World? Women in STEM with guest Carol Dougherty

Is it a Man's World? Women in STEM with guest Carol Dougherty

In today’s episode, we’re joined by an amazing guest, Carol Dougherty.

Carol is a trainer, coach, and founder of Delta Consulting Group, LLC, a coaching, and training company helping women in STEM gain the recognition they deserve.

With a rich background in engineering and leadership, Carol shares her journey and insights on empowering women in a predominantly male-dominated field.

Tune in as we explore the unique challenges women face in STEM, discuss strategies for effective communication, and learn how to make your voice heard in any professional environment.

Here are...

Episode 20 15 May 2024 23m and 41s

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