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Planet Normal

The podcast that speaks your language. News and views from beyond the bubble with Telegraph columnists, Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan, every Thursday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Recent Episodes of Planet Normal

Labour and their Starmtroopers

Labour and their Starmtroopers

After a Labour landslide win (as predicted by your co-pilots) the rocket orbits into a new political galaxy, but is it the same old madness?

Allison delivers some hard truths to the Conservative party whom she thinks deserve ‘oblivion’ should they fail to come to the ‘correct conclusion’ on their new leader.

Whereas Liam thinks the Tories need to take their time when deciding their next leader and think carefully about the rules of the contest.

Joining your co-pilots on the rocket this week is former advisor to the L...

Episode 10 July 2024 1h, 3m and 21s

To the Polls!

To the Polls!

This episode of Planet Normal was recorded on Wednesday the 3rd July before the polls opened for the general election.

Six weeks of election campaigning have come to an end and what a campaign it has been, with no shortage of political gaffes on either side of the Channel as the first round of voting in France has National Rally, formerly headed by Marine LePen, on the cusp of power and Macron’s gamble backfiring.

Meanwhile across the pond the co-pilots give their thoughts on the debate between President Biden and Donald Trump. Al...

Episode 3 July 2024 46m and 51s

Heat Wave of Politics

Heat Wave of Politics

The temperature is heating up on the rocket this week, as the whole country basks in a heatwave but is the election shade being thrown threatening to spoil your co-pilots fun in the sun?

Allison spills the beans on her trip to the campaign trail with Reform UK Leader, Nigel Farage and claims that, in her view, a vote for the party isn’t a wasted one.

Whilst Liam is worried about the potential judiciary changes an incoming Labour government might make and the effect they could have on our democracy.


Episode 26 June 2024 58m and 46s

The Anti-incumbency trend

The Anti-incumbency trend

With the rocket hurtling towards the election, what do its inhabitants make of the latest manifesto madness?

In light of the latest inflation figures Liam thinks the Conservatives need to be more honest about tax hikes, whilst Allison thinks that Reform’s policies are what should have been in the Conservative Party Manifesto, and might help pull back some disillusioned voters.

Also joining your co-pilots for a return mission to the rocket is journalist and the Social Democratic Party candidate for Middlesbrough South, Rod Liddle, who gives the co-pilots an up...

Episode 19 June 2024 57m and 41s

Co-pilots barrage Nigel Farage

Co-pilots barrage Nigel Farage

In this episode of Planet Normal, your co-pilots strap into the rocket with Leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage. In a true rocket grilling Nigel responds to people saying his party is racist, reveals how many votes he expects to win at the upcoming election, and if he really would stand down candidates in Tory marginal seats.

Also on this episode with Labour heading for a big majority, what do your co-pilots make of the party manifestos hitting the headlines this week?

Liam thinks the Tory manifesto is more about keeping the Party...

Episode 12 June 2024 1h, 33m and 14s

Debating the debate

Debating the debate

Whilst co-pilot Pearson takes a well earned break from the rocket Liam is joined by a temporary co-pilot and fellow right thinker, Baroness Claire Fox.

Political fur is flying in wake of the first election television debate,  but who do Claire and Liam think came out on top?

Claire thinks that the competing parties are underestimating the needs of the electorate in their mandate material. Whilst Liam thinks the parties aren’t doing enough to convince the public of their long term economic security, post election.

Also boarding the rocket to gi...

Episode 5 June 2024 1h, 1s

The 200th voyage on the rocket

The 200th voyage on the rocket

This special anniversary episode was recorded live in front of an audience of Planet Normal citizens, from Cadogan Hall in London.

The beloved rocket gains a few extra passengers this week as our third Planet Normal live event takes off!

Your co-pilots give their thoughts on the upcoming election alongside some very special guests.

The first revered stowaway on the rocket this week is Lord David Frost, who reveals how he tried to save the Conservative Party from themselves.

Also strapping in for lift-off is writer Lionel...

Episode 29 May 2024 1h, 38m and 7s

A cacophony of woe

A cacophony of woe

**Today's episode was recorded before the General Election announcement**

There’s not one but two scandals to comment on this week as both the infected blood and Post office inquiries are front and centre. And both co-pilots share impassioned views about the latest ‘cacophony of woe’ coming from both.

Allison thinks that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s response was unacceptable in the face of a ‘state sponsored massacre’.

Whilst Liam says more eyes should be on the civil service in these inquiries who he thinks have been very good at ‘wriggling out o...

Episode 22 May 2024 59m and 30s

How long before Kevin Spacey is allowed to be uncancelled?

How long before Kevin Spacey is allowed to be uncancelled?

In an exclusive interview with co-pilot Pearson, Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey straps into the rocket to give his response to the recent Channel 4 documentary with allegations about inappropriate sexual conduct.

Elsewhere Rishi Sunak’s political plight is as unpredictable as the British weather. But what do your co-pilots make of his latest stream of policies?

Allison ponders whether the country has ever gone into a general election with two such unpopular potential leaders which she claims is ‘a standoff of the Woodentops’.

And Liam dissects the current Labour frontb...

Episode 15 May 2024 1h, 4m and 57s

A Tory hammering

A Tory hammering

With the local elections across England and Wales all over, who were the real winners and losers? And did the Tories really get hammered? Only your co-pilots have the answers.

Liam ponders whether the Tory Party can hold it together long enough to get some sort of bounce back from potential impending economic uplifts.

Whilst Allison thinks Tory mutiny is no longer a threat and that the plotters have given up all chance of a potential new leader.

And what about Reform’s Nigel Farage? Will he? Won't he?

Also ho...

Episode 8 May 2024 55m and 47s

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